How To: Make a self sustained fish tank from a condom

Make a self sustained fish tank from a condom

Forget about a goldfish bowl. This video will show you how to create an ecosystem inside a condom! Tip: Keep in bowl in case your rubber pops and build where it is ok if you spill your load. Whether these animals will die is still undetermined.

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stupid the fish die with this method

dnt think its self contained, but still halarious:)

This is not a self-sustaining eco-system, it is a death trap.

In order to be a humane self-sustaining eco-system, it would requrie the following: The correct temperature for the species kept, ample oxygen supply for both animal life and bacteria, enough room for all animal and plant life to reach their natural adult size, enough surviving bacteria to handle the animal waste and keep the water clean, a suitable food supply and chemical pollutants in the water.

This 'system' fails on all counts and is nothing more than a death trap for these fish and snails.

poor fishies :(

animals, no matter what size, need enough room to swim/crawl/walk/fly
the right temp., the right food, daylight....sigh :(

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