How To: Clean a fish tank

Clean a fish tank

Keep your fish healthy and your fish tank clean with these simple steps.
You Will Need
* A large plastic cup
* A large bowl
* A scooping net
* A sink
* An algae scrubber
* Clean gravel (optional)

Step 1
Use a large plastic cup to remove water from the tank to a large bowl. Scoop fish from the dirty tank and put them in the bowl.

Step 2
Turn off the filter on your fish tank. Remove half of the dirty water using a cup, and dump it into a sink.

Change about one quarter of the water in the tank every two weeks to keep the algae levels low.

Step 3
Clean the inside of the tank with an algae scrubber. Rinse and scrub until the glass is clean.

Step 4
Scoop out the rest of the water until you get to the gravel at the bottom of the tank.

Replace the gravel only if absolutely necessary. The fish need a stable environment, so some remaining bacteria is good for them.

Step 5
Refill the tank with clean water and restart the filter. Let the filter run for about an hour.

Step 6
Scoop your fish from the bowl to the tank, and let them enjoy their newly cleaned home.

Fact: Scientists discovered the world's smallest fish in Indonesia. A member of the carp family, it's less than eight millimeters long.

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