How To: Make an aquarium with a USB powered LED light

Make an aquarium with a USB powered LED light

This is a video tutorial on how to make a USB aquarium powered by a under-gravel LED bulb that is powered by a USB port. With a bit of simple engineering, build a circuit to provide elegant lighting to your aquarium. Connect the wiring to the air pump for a cool lighted bubble effect. Plus, it's powered by your computer! Don't use expensive fish, or those which are sensitive to DC Currents. Don't do this project in a saline water tank, because salt conducts more electricity.

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a bubble stone makes the bubbles smaller and it looks cooler.... thanks for the idea i made min with two red LEDs and bubble stones

what value of resistor should i use if i'm going to use 2 AA rechargeable batteries 2700mah for the power supply?

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