How To: Look after a goldfish

Look after a goldfish

Goldfish are very easy to care for, making them a popular pet and perfect for beginners and first-time pet owners. To get started you need only a goldfish and a fish tank. The type of aquarium you choose to keep your fish in is very important and often overlooked. This video will help you choose between a flat-sided tank and a round fishbowl. The second choice you must make is which type of goldfish. There are two types, the first being the long-bodied types such as the Common Goldfish and the Comet. The second type is the round-bodied Fancy goldfish, which often have long flowing tails, bulging eyes, and unusual head growths. Fancy goldfish include Moors, Orandas, Ranchus, Bubble-eyes, Celestials, Lionheads and Fantails. Learn about each type, their differences, and how they interact together. Once you have set up your tank, you will need to feed your fish. Fish food is available in various forms such as pellets and flakes, or you can supplement you fish's diet with live worms and shrimp. Although goldfish are a relatively low-maintenance pet, they do need to be looked after with care and attention in order to flourish.

Look after a goldfish

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