How To: Clean and maintain a fish tank

Clean and maintain a fish tank

Fish are among the most popular of all domestic pets. From the humble goldfish to the most complicated and beautiful aquatic micro-environments, they offer owners years of pleasure and serene viewing. Moreover, they are relatively easy to care for; however, like many pets, there is a lot to learn about this finned friend. Good tank maintenance will keep your aquarium healthy for years to come. Keep your fish healthy by watching this film, which will show you the basics of keeping your fish tank clean and healthy, including cleaning the aquarium filter and the gravel. These instructions apply to both cold water tanks with fish such as goldfish and tropical tanks. To clean your fish tank you will need an aquarium, a plastic gravel cleaner, a magnetic algae scraper, a bucket, a water dechlorinator, aquarium bacteria, and a water testing kit. Once you have those items, follow these simple steps as the video guides you through them in detail: water removal and gravel cleaning, filter cleaning, algae cleaning, water replacement, and water chemistry. With regular cleaning and water changes, it shouldn't ever be necessary to empty the tank for cleaning. Happy fish-keeping!

Clean and maintain a fish tank

Clean and maintain a fish tank Click through to watch this video on

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we had a sick angle fish and took care of her in our tank with many meds and now our tank wont stay clean.. how can we fix it

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